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As part of my role as Creative Director at Swoon, I worked on two
big pieces of brand work, one for a potential retail space, the other for a  rebrand based on feedback from a series of focus groups that had just been undertaken. I also devised and planned a new season pop-up event at Southbank's Oxo Tower




● To create an atmospheric, tactile, inspiring and engaging space
● A destination point that will convey the story of Swoon, highlight provenance and offer insight
into the company’s ethos
● To celebrate the craftsmanship and relationships that Swoon has with its designers and craftsmen
● To provide a sensory experience giving a true insight into the swoon brand and creative elements customers may not already be aware of


● Ensure that the website and all communication material resonates with the in-store experience, from colour, typography and tone of voice.
● This includes translating the Swoon story into a multichannel content environment from video, photography, direct marketing and editorial
● The store experience is a channel that works with a fulsome content strategy



  • An impactful first impression

  • Utilising a juxtaposition of organic and natural materials

  • A three dimensional living wall with recessed alcoves to showcase key pieces from the Swoon collection

  • Creating a unique, boutique entrance to intrigue the customer


  • Utilise the existing walls and any textures to use as a backdrop to key furniture pieces, zone controlled mood lighting as well as experiential aromas could change depending on the product/season

  • Zone areas: partition using silk screens, large format vinyl wall stickers emulating peeling paint, concrete distressed paint effects; painted flats showcasing hanging items

  • Flooring could be differentiated throughout the store guiding customers, but also helping differentiate each room category


  • Some customers may not know how Swoon works.

  • Need to raise awareness of the uniqueness of Swoon’s style/business

  • Commission photographers who are also able to film video to meet the makers and designers and give the brand some narrative, showing the processes involved in creating a
    Swoon Edition

  • Edit into a series of ambient films, which could also be captioned to enhance the message in-store

  • Photography would be used in-store as well as in print, online, social media

  • Both film and photography can be used with Facebook Canvas

  • Position photography with relevant products in-store, with moving image on the screens on the exterior window displays and in and around the interior.

  • If budget is not an issue, then there are interactive screen options that could integrate with social media and seasonal campaigns

  • Will add editorial narrative to the website, new and existing  social media, direct marketing and catalogues etc

  • Content can also be utilised with product postcards which could be left around the store with mini biographies of the designers. A wallet could also be produced for customers to gather their postcards into, which is something that have done.





  • Pop-ups were a real success for you, why not allocate an area in the showroom showcasing the items you’re testing or are maybe in development?

  • Differentiate the look of this area by bringing a light-hearted approach to the styling, dependent on theme, such as the kitsch 70s scenario in the image

  • A magnetic ‘hit or miss’ board where customers can vote with Swoon disks can be beside the item(s) on display



How do we make the Swoon brand stand out in a sea of bland



Everything about swoon furniture is so beautifully designed and so carefully crafted that it means each piece is as distinctive and as individual as you are.

You are unique. You are your own person. You are, above all else an individual.
Your style is yours and yours alone. It is shaped by who you are and where you’ve been and what you’ve seen. Your style is an expression of you.
It is a picture of your soul.
So, set it free. Don’t hold back. Never compromise. Show it off. And never,
ever let anyone tell you their style is better than yours.

Be distinctive. Be bold. Be brave. Be you.
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